The mixture of Maxtor-Fitor-Phosful create a very intensive Ozone.
Most of the bacterias and funguses are unaerobic( lives in non-oxygen
conditions.)Ozone makes this unaerobic conditions to aerobic. That is why it is used
againts bacterias and funguses easily and continuously
The most important advantage, Maxtor-Fitor-Phosful mixture is transportable in the
xylem and floem holes. With this, it collapse all phytoplazmas, bacterias and funguses


  • Clavibacter michiganense
  • Pseudomanas corugata
  • Pseudomanas sp
  • Xhantomanas sp
  • Agrobacterium tumafacience
  • Phytopthora infestans
  • Fusarium sp.
  • Phytopthora capsisi
  • Phytopthora citropthora
  • Phtyopthora sp.
  • Erwinia amlyvora
  • Erwinia caratova
  • Phoma thracheiphila
  • Phomapsis viticola
  • Botyrytis sp
  • Alternaria
  • Rhizoctonia
  • Verticillum sp.
  • Cipiroplazma citri
  • Phytoplazmas
  • Cand.phytoplazma
  • phyri

Use Dose:

From Spray : Spraying for 500 litres of water in sets

From Soil: One set use for 2,5 da