Mediterranean Fruit Fly Pheromone Trap
Includes 1 funnel trap + 2 pheromones.
Pheromone traps: Pheromone produced according to the type of pest (specially produced in
chemical and thus attracts male insects to stick to the adhesive
In this way, the female species can not mate with the pest is destroyed.
The insects will not be able to find and breed the female insect species in your field due to pheromones.
Mediterranean Fruit Fly Trap Usage:
It is recommended to install it before the pests are derived.
Thus, the dose of the capsule impregnated with pheromones is harmful.
The capsule should be checked by hanging it in the appropriate place.
Note: Secretion that allows pheromone male insects to find the female species.
For one decare, 4-5 Mediterranean fruit fly traps are enough.