Through continuous research and testing in our laboratories, we work hard on the effectiveness of our products and the solutions they provide to farmers.

Shaping the future with innovation and quality

At Biogreen® Agriculture Biological Control Systems, we develop and manufacture our products in a market-driven manner. In addition, we are constantly moving forward by following the policy of producing efficient products with special content. We produce liquid fertilizers, pests sticky traps in rolls and cards, pheromones, that is a result of our experience and observations over three years. By studying soil problems and farmers’ challenges, we seek solutions through research and experimentation. We contribute to the development of agriculture industry by trying to meet the needs of agricultural producers. Striving for innovation and quality is at the core of our business.

KOKO pH Regulator. Experiments and Results.

NANO GREEN pH Regulator. Experiments and Results.

PROTON V-367. Experiments and Results.