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"Since 2015..."

Biogreen® Agriculture Biological Control Systems was founded in 2015 in Antalya, Turkey and offers products that are in demand by farmers around the world: products for pest control and plant protection, liquid fertilizers, fertilizers for the development of the root system of plants.

Biogreen® company exports mainly to the countries of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and offers a wide range of products for the agricultural industry: sticky traps card type, sticky traps roll type, Delta traps and other traps for mass-trapping and monitoring pests, pheromones (Tuta Absoluta, thrips, codling moth, etc.), bumblebees for pollination, organic products for plant protection. The company’s priority is the development and supply of organic products for the agricultural industry that do not negatively impact human health.

The results of our research and work are products that increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, thereby increasing the value and productivity of land. All our proposed products provide opportunities to accelerate the development of crops grown in different geographic regions of the world, as well as to protect plants from pests.