Delta Trap (White)


Material: Polypropylene (PE)
Color: White
Purpose: Monitoring

Delta Trap Multi-Season (White) is crafted from waterproof material in a triangular base design. Comprising three essential components—an enclosure, a sticky insert, and species-specific pheromones—the trap utilizes a pheromone dispenser as bait. This combination effectively attracts target pests.

Pests drawn by the pheromone enter the Delta Trap Multi-Season and are ensnared on the sticky insert. To maintain optimal trapping efficacy, the sticky insert should be replaced periodically based on clogging levels. To prevent cross-interference of pheromone scents, traps should be positioned at least 50 meters apart. Each trap is suspended using a rope.

Multi-Season Delta Traps are suitable for use in gardens, greenhouses, and open fields, positioned according to prevailing wind or airflow directions. They offer a practical and cost-effective pest control solution that is safe for humans and animals. Resilient to environmental conditions, including sunlight (UV radiation), Multi-Season Delta Traps ensure prolonged effectiveness.

Production: Turkey.