Size: 23cm x 29cm, 5cm x 19cm
Purpose of usage: Pollination
Content: 70-80 bumblebees

Flybee bumblebees for pollination work more actively than honeybees, they are more loyal, and their communication methods are highly developed.

Honey bees are active from January to April, while bumblebees are active all year round.

Bumblebees for pollination are active at low temperatures, they can work at temperatures of 4-5 ° C and above.

Bumblebees can work in low light conditions.

The bumblebee’s tongue is longer than that of a honey bee, and since they are heavier, they make the flower vibrate better.

Bumblebees can pollinate 400 tomato flowers per one flight by visiting 10-20 flowers in 1 minute. Thus, it is possible to pollinate 20.000 flowers on an area of ​​10 hectares in 3 days in a greenhouse in winter.

Production: Turkey