Delta Trap (Red)


Material: Polypropylene (PE)
Color: Red
Purpose: Monitoring

Delta Trap Multi-Season (Red) is constructed from waterproof material in a triangular base design. This trap comprises three essential components: a trap body, a sticky insert, and species-specific pheromones utilized as bait. The pheromone dispenser facilitates the attraction of target pests.

Pests lured by the pheromone enter the Delta Trap Multi-Season and become ensnared on the sticky insert. The sticky insert should be replaced periodically based on the degree of clogging for optimal performance. To prevent interference from pheromone scents, it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters between traps. The trap is suspended using a rope.

Delta Traps Multi-Season find application in gardens, greenhouses, and open fields, strategically positioned in alignment with prevailing wind or airflow patterns. They offer a practical and cost-effective pest management solution that is safe for both humans and animals. Resilient to environmental conditions and sunlight (UV radiation), Delta Traps Multi-Season ensure enduring effectiveness.

Production: Turkey.