Root Stimulator Fertilizer

– KOKO Root Stimulator actively stimulates capillary root formation by stimulating the root system.
– KOKO fertilizer accelerates the intake of water and nutrients by providing cell division and growth.
– KOKO provides faster rooting of seedlings by supporting early germination.
– KOKO fertilizer helps the intake of nutrients that are difficult to take such as phosphate, potassium, sulphate in the soil.
– KOKO fertilizer increases the resistance of the plant against adverse weather conditions (frost, wind, drought, sunburn, etc.).

Application Dose:
– When planting, 75 cc (3 caps) of KOKO is applied to 5 liters of water and dipping is performed.
– During the growth period, it is applied in the last 15 minutes of irrigation to give 500cc per decare.
– It is applied as 300-350cc in 100 liters of water from the top.

Production: Turkey.