Blue Sticky Trap Roll

15cm x 100m, 30cm x 100m

Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Color: Blue
Size: 15cm x 100m, 30cm × 100m
Purpose: Mass-trapping
Target: The Whitefly, Aphid, Fruit Flies, Houseflies, Thrips and other pests
Recommended Quantity: 170 meters per 1000 m²

The blue sticky trap roll features a 30cm wide sticky plastic tape wound into a roll.

BIOGREEN blue sticky traps in rolls provide a simple and effective solution for pest control. They are primarily used for mass-trapping of pests, offering a strong catching effect and a large adhesive surface area. BIOGREEN sticky traps in roll format are durable under various environmental conditions, maintaining their adhesive properties for extended periods and exhibiting resistance to sunlight (UV radiation).

In livestock farms or enclosed greenhouses, roll-type sticky traps are strategically placed near ventilation areas to manage insects entering from the outside. In semi-open farms or gardens, these adhesive tapes are stretched between trees or columns.

The blue color is specifically selected for its high selectivity towards Thrips, while minimizing attraction to beneficial insects.

Production: Turkey.