Delta Trap (Yellow)


Size: 25cm x 70cm
Color: Yellow
Target: Whitefly, Aphids, flies and pests that affects from Pheromone

The Delta Trap Sticky (Yellow) is designed for single use, featuring a triangular structure made from waterproof material. The interior surface of the trap is coated with specialized entomological glue, and it is suspended using a rope.

Pests are lured by specific pheromones and are trapped when they enter the Delta Trap Sticky (Yellow), adhering to its sticky surface. Each pest species requires its own distinct pheromone. To prevent mixing pheromone scents, it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters between traps.

Delta Traps Sticky (Yellow) find application in gardens, greenhouses, and open areas, aligning with prevailing wind or airflow directions. These disposable traps offer a practical and cost-effective solution that is safe for humans and animals. They maintain their adhesive properties over extended periods, remaining resilient to environmental conditions and sunlight (UV radiation), ensuring effective pest capture.

Production: Turkey.