Spreader and Adhesive pH Regulator

Ingredients: chitin enzyme, catalyst and pine extract.

TU-DEFANCE Spreader and Adhesive pH Regulator has been obtained from plant extracts. It is a product prepared by distilling the sap of pine tree.

It has a repellent effect. Its effect continues against Tuta Absoluta and Aphids for 12-18 days in sunny days. It is effective in lowering soil pH.

It is effective in lowering the ambient pH. It facilitates the intake of macro and micro nutrients due to the pH accumulation in the soil.

There is acetic acid composed of organic acids. Due to its organic content, it damages the pest’s chitin layer thanks to organic oils and enzymes. The pest cannot be fed and naturally enters the death process. It has no effect against eggs.

The white fly has a repellent effect against the tuft and mealy lice.

Method of application and dosage
Foliar application: 150-250 ml / 100 lt water