Yellow Sticky Trap Card


Material: Elastic plastic with a sticky surface
Color: Yellow
Size: 10cm x 25cm
Target: White Fly, Tuta Absoluta (tomato pinworm), Aphids
Recommended Quantity: 150 pieces per 1000 m²

The yellow sticky trap is a 10cm×25cm card with a special entomological adhesive on both sides.

Immediately after the seedling stage, yellow sticky traps should be hung at a height of 20 cm above the ground, using 150 pieces per 1000 m² (quantities may vary based on the situation and pest levels). As the plants grow, adjust the trap height accordingly. Yellow sticky traps offer a straightforward and effective solution for pest control, serving to monitor and mass-trap insect pests. Monitoring enables timely decisions regarding mass-trapping and helps determine the optimal timing and methods for plant protection.

Sticky yellow traps with a double-sided adhesive layer provide a strong trapping effect. They are durable, unaffected by environmental conditions, maintain their adhesive properties over time, and are resistant to sunlight (UV radiation). They do not adhere to human hands or clothing during use.

The yellow color of the sticky trap reflects light at a wavelength that attracts pests. Insects are drawn to the trap, adhere to the sticky surface, and are subsequently trapped. Yellow sticky traps are particularly effective for attracting pests like White Flies.

Production: Turkey.