Delta Trap (Green)


Material: Polypropylene (PE)
Color: Green
Purpose: Monitoring

The Delta Multi-Season Trap (Green) is constructed with a triangular waterproof base designed for durability. It comprises three key components: the trap body, a sticky insert, and a pheromone dispenser for specific pests. The pheromone acts as bait, attracting pests targeted by the trap.

Here’s how it works:

The sticky insert is placed inside the Delta Multi-Season Trap and should be replaced as needed based on clogging.
Pests lured by the pheromone enter the Delta Trap and become trapped on the sticky insert.
To prevent pheromone odors from mixing, it’s recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters between traps.
The trap is hung using a rope, allowing it to be positioned strategically in gardens, greenhouses, or open fields according to wind or airflow direction.
Delta Multi-Season Traps offer a practical and cost-effective solution:

They are safe for humans and animals.
Reusable Delta traps are resilient to environmental conditions and withstand sunlight exposure (UV radiation).
Originating from Turkey, these traps are designed to enhance pest management efficiency in various agricultural settings.