A.Z.B. drip

pH Regulator

A.Z.B. drip works in the pH range of 5.5-9.5.
Form of use and dosage:
Vegetative growth period = 100 ml / 100 L
Flowering period = 100 ml / 100 L
Fruiting period = 100 ml / 100 L

A.Z.B. drip provides economical use of fertilizer by utilizing atmospheric nitrogen. It promotes excellent vegetative development, increasing leaf number and size, and consequently boosting photosynthesis and shoot growth. It helps balance harmful and beneficial microorganisms on the leaf surface, enhances flowering, reduces flower and fruit drop, and improves yield and quality. Additionally, it enhances fruit taste and positively affects shelf life. A.Z.B. drip is a completely natural product, safe for human, animal, and plant health, suitable for organic farming, does not disturb the ecological balance, and leaves no residue.

Method of Action
A.Z.B. drip contains Azotobacter bacteria in a dormant state. Upon application, these dormant bacteria on the leaves become active. They convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for the plant, utilizing the carbon present in the leaf structure, allowing the plant to feed through the foliage. The bacteria secrete plant beneficial growth regulators (gibberellic acid, cytokinin, auxin, IAA), vitamins (B, C, and E groups), and antifungal metabolites that balance plant growth and development. Azotobacteria also partially prevent damage by harmful pathogens by protecting the leaves and secreting antibiotics.

Application Guidelines
Use in combination with non-ionic adhesive fertilizers.
Apply in the evening after sunset.
Avoid applying chemical bactericides on the leaves after application.
For enhanced effectiveness, use with fertilizers high in organic matter, such as amino acids or seaweed.
Shake the package well before opening and use the entire contents in one application after opening.

Production: Turkey