Tuta Absoluta Pheromone

4 pcs

Target: Tuta Absoluta
Purpose: Reducing reproduction rate
Recommended traps: Water traps, Delta traps
Recommended quantity: In greenhouses and in open fields: for monitoring 2 pieces per 1000 m², for mass-trapping 2-5 pieces per 1000 m².
Effect duration: The action of pheromones lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, after this time the pheromones should be replaced with new ones.

Pheromone bait dispensers for Tuta Absoluta (Tomato Moth) are essential for identifying, monitoring, and mass trapping of this pest. These baits can be effectively used with Delta traps (both reusable and disposable) as well as with Water Traps.

Pheromone baits for Tuta Absoluta need to be regularly checked, and the dosage should be adjusted based on the pest density in the monitored area.

Production: Turkey.